Data not Visible in Application after device Restart in ABP Mode


We have setup Kerlink Gateway, We we were successful in creating an application and we could add the device using ABP Mode and was able to receive the data in the Gateway. We could see the data in Gateway Live Lorawan Frames and the Device Live View. But the issue is when the device gets restarted we don’t see the data in the Device Live Data, but we could see the data in Gateway Live Frames.

I tried deleting the device and recreating with Disabling frame-counter validation, and checked for the keys, everything seems correct but we are not able to see the payload in the devices tab.

Please find the attached screenshots of the data in the gateway

Please let us know on how to proceed

Update- Have gone through troubleshooting guide.
We have deleted the device and created a new device with disabling the frame counter, with new Network keys, app Keys and the data can be seen in the device app view. Devices are able to send data after the restart also.

But i have a device where i cant update the keys, can someone help me on how to get the data in the device view if there is a issue with frame-counter reset.