Debugging packet-forwarder <> LoRa Gateway Bridge issues

There have been some questions with regards to setting up the LoRa Gateway Bridge and configuring the packet-forwarder to make it communicate with the Gateway Bridge. As an attempt to help you out, I’ve created a page with debugging steps:

Looking forward to learn if this is helpful, steps are unclear or steps are missing.


The link is missing. Any new location for this?

Try with the following link:

In that section you will find related information about what you asked.

I’m using gateway OS full.
tcpdump and journalctl commands are not working here.

You should take a closer look at this topic: Programs on startup on Raspberry pi3 gateway full os

In a nutshell, you will probably have to install those packages by yourself. The chirpstack-gateway-os-full image only provides you the tools that you need to deploy the Chirpstack ecosystem, tools being used for debug purposes are external, hence, that’s why are not included in the images.

Okay, thanks for the information.