Decoding LR1110 payload

Dear All,

I’m using Lr1110 edge tracker from Semtech with rak2245 gw. I cant find any javascript decoding for gps and accelerometer, the uplink message :

Any help?


I’m not familiar with this device but just spent a bit of time searching for you.

Looks like you may need to setup the lora cloud integration which decodes the data for you. Unless someone else who uses this device is able to help with further information or shed more light.

It maybe possible to write your own decoder, but you would need to know the data structure for device to write a decoder - i was unable to find this only an example of what a payload looks like but without a breakdown.

I don’t think i would put much of my time into a device that requires a third party to decode for me which would essentially make it a locked device imo.

This was the only semi useful link I found while searching.

Thank you @ccall48 ,

I found this information form the user guide™_Tracker_Reference_Design_User_Guide_v0.16_MARCOM-APPROVED_.pdf

unfortunately I m still not able to decode the payload.

I attempted to have a look at it but there example doesn’t seem to match the explanation the first example is supposed to be 46 bytes iirc and it contains 90 the second example which I haven’t tried uses the wrong set bit it should be 0x08 not 0x06.

Okay so I looked at the first example again assuming the payload is a hex array 0x46 gives a length of 70 and there is 70 bytes left in the array so that works out. exactly how you breakdown and decode those 70 bytes to a meaningful payload I have no idea right now.

I’m presuming you’re base64 decoding the raw data first? That will get you hex.

Then, manual you linked, on pages 32-34 shows that various commands have variable length and they give you examples. It’s possible they have a typo in example.
For your data, are you getting a stream of “command1 byte” then “length byte” then “payload” + “command2 byte” then “length byte” then “payload” + etc?

Did you register for and search for errata for this 2020 reference document? LINK.

Just some ideas.

I assume he is after a payload decoder for the device so he doesn’t have to send it to semtech to be decoded. You can get the data out of the device by using the examples in the manual there but no information on breaking down the data to read the payload(s) yourself that I have found to help him.

Only way i can see it working right now would be to register for a semtech lora cloud account and adding the integration to the device.