Default vs Generated config file differences

When I did my install on Ubuntu, the apps came with default config files. Makes sense.

In the documentation I saw that you can also generate new config files by doing: app configfile > filename.toml

When looking at the config file that comes from the install, versus the generated config files, they are very different in content.

So to the question…

Which config files are the “best” ones to use on a clean install - the ones that came with the app install or the ad hoc generated ones?

The config that is shipped with the .deb packages is a minimal config example, with a lot of defaults removed to make it easier to get started. Please note that in case something is “missing” in the config file, it will fallback onto the default value. So there is no “best” :slight_smile:

In other words, the minimal config file is the same as the full config file with the same configuration as the minimal config file + all the other values set to their defaults

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