Demo fully automated decoding of lora messages

Hi everyone, I need to do below task. Is it possible? If yes, then share with me your experience in details. Thanks!

-Receive UDP in Java Script and send the significant part of the Lora message to the Decoder software

-Demo fully automated decoding of Lora messages on RPi (The RPi should display the temperature/light … values on a screen or via Cryptonaut

It sounds like you would be reimplementing an entire network and application server from UDP gateway payload -> decoding of the decrypted payload (in JavaScript?). You would likely be better off setting up ChirpStack pulling the data you need via integration and doing something with it.

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Yes, you are right the same scenario I want to do but not on ChirpStack. I have my own gateway and I want to send within my gateway through UDP and received on decoding software.

Then you will need to duplicate much of the functionality of the network and application servers. I wish you luck in your endeavor!

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