Device 2g4 doesn't work in both chirpstacks v3 and v4

I deployed chirpstack v4 and connected gateway working on 2400 Mhz (ISM2400 - LoRaWAN 2.4 GHz), I see LORAWAN Frames from gateway:

|2022-09-09 16:32:55|ConfirmedDataUp|DevAddr: 260bdfad|
|2022-09-09 16:32:38|ConfirmedDataUp|DevAddr: 260bdfad|
|2022-09-09 16:30:47|ConfirmedDataUp|DevAddr: 260bdfad|
|2022-09-09 16:30:37|ConfirmedDataUp|DevAddr: 260bdfad|
|2022-09-09 16:28:54|ConfirmedDataUp|DevAddr: 260bdfad|

But my device 2g4 can’t be activated and doesn’t appear in chirpstack v4.

P.S.: I check my device 2g4 and gateway 2g4 in ttn and both work perfectly: I see data from device in ttn console.

P.S.2: in chirpstack v3 I also can’t activate device 2g4 and don’see device data.

Could you please add some additional context? I’m not sure how to read:

But my device 2g4 can’t be activated and doesn’t appear in chirpstack v4.

Do you have issues adding the device to ChirpStack v4? Or do you mean that the device doesn’t show as activated?

From the logs that you share, I only see ConfirmedDataUp, no join-request, which could explain why the device doesn’t show as activated in ChirpStack?

Dear @brocaar , I mean: the device doesn’t show as activated and I don’t see any device data, while in ttn I see frames from gateway and data from device.

Here is the pages of my device:

By the way in chirp v4 logs I see some error messages:

It looks like the uplink meta-data can’t be mapped to a data-rate. Do you know which parameters are being used? Any device-details that you can share?

No I faced a problem in chirpstack v3:

error:"validate dev-nonce error"

I pushed button CLEARDEVNONCE but id doesn’t help…

How to fix it?