Device activation (ABP)

After a long time wasted on activating our device with OTAA, we are now attempting to activate with ABP, as we need data ASAP, and we really hoped this would be easier to do. We didn’t succeed, but maybe with your help, we can activate our device and receive some data by the end of the week.

Device-profiles: General

We’re using LPN CM-1 LoRaWAN device, and it has been confirmed that LoRaWAN MAC Version for this device is 1.0.1. Also, we have been told that Max EIRP 16.15 dBi / Max ERP 14 dBm.

Device-profiles: Join OTAA/ABP

We have read the regional parameters v1.1rb document, which can be found here, and we are really uncertain, if this is understood correct, so everything is set to 0… BUT THIS IS WHAT WE NOTICED.

  • RX1 delay. We found something on EU863-870 Default Settings (Page 19/72, line 411). This is the closest we found on something to insert in this field. Also, the datasheet doesn’t say anything about this delay, and neither does the config file for this device. Maybe it’s a good idea to state where to find this delay, when asked for it, as we have no idea at all where to find this. Regional parameters document (Page 19/72, line 411-415): EU863-870 Default Settings

    > 411 RECEIVE_DELAY1 1 s
    > 412 RECEIVE_DELAY2 2 s (MUST be RECEIVE_DELAY1 + 1s)
    > 413 JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY1 5 s
    > 414 JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY2 6 s
    > 415 MAX_FCNT_GAP 16384

    Receive delay 1 = RX1 delay = 1 ??

  • RX1 data-rate offset. Here we are getting a hint that we need to investigate the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters Specification for valid values. On 2.2.7 EU863-870 Receive windows (Page 19/72, line 392-393) it’s written: The allowed values for RX1DROffset are in the [0:5] range, which makes us think that the value must be 6? so RX1 data-rate offset = 6.

  • RX2 data-rate: In (Page 19/72, line 398-399) following is written: “The RX2 receive window uses a fixed frequency and data rate. The default parameters are 869.525 MHz / DR0 (SF12, 125 kHz)” which confuses us as what do we write here when data rate is (SF12, 125 kHz) ???

  • RX2 channel frequency (Hz): No hint on where to find this?? Is this from the frequency found in the document at (Page 19/72, line 398-399) --> 869.525 MHz ?

  • Factory-preset frequencies (Hz): Perhaps it’s the frequencies from this link?

Creating an application is fairly easy to understand, and if you have experience with TTN or any other network server, this should be easy to get through. Alright… Now let’s register our device.

Device Create: General

Out of good reasons, we don’t want anyone to see our Device EUI, and is therefore set to 00 …

Device: Activation

Out of good reasons, we don’t want anyone to see our Device EUI, and is therefore set to 00 …

dev address, nwkskey and appskey should be easy to find

  • Uplink frame-counter: Where is this found? Should we just write 0 here?
  • Downlink frame-counter: where is this found? Should we just write 0 here?

This should be the necessary fields for us to fill out, to register our device. We really need to see some sort of result now, and we’re becoming very frustrated that this requires so much time and effort to work.

We can’t be the only ones thinking this is too difficult…

Our gateway shows this and perhaps it’s important to show:

Dev Addr have been whitened, as we don’t want to expose our dev addr.