Device is the bottleneck in the LoRaWAN system

I’m using Feather M0 with lora 900mhz. It worked perfectly for a month or so, but all of a sudden, it said ‘USB port not recognized’. I tried to do the troubleshooting by resetting the feather, updating the drivers, etc., but no luck.

I decided that I’ll buy two more feathers to keep my work going. Two brand new feathers were procured from Mouser, and to my surprise, the same error shows up when I connected them to my laptop. I’m completely shattered now, it’s not just money but considerable time has been invested into it. May I know what’s happening here. I’m just reconsidering other platforms for building my LoRaWAN endnode. Can you suggest alternatives for the feather M0!

One thing I’ve realized over the past couple of months is that Device is the bottleneck in LoRaWAN system. I’ve built gateway in no time (with the help of ChirpStack community) and the integration with InfluxDB was straightforward, and the front end was configured with not much of effort, but establishing communication between device and gateway has been a very painful process. The feather was arrived at, after experimenting various configurations, and I am really upset to see this sort of problem arising at this stage. I wish endnode device configuration too were very simple/straightforward as incase of gateway.

Debugging OTAA definitely has the potential to be frustrating. I’ve found it varies greatly by the device itself. We manufacture our own sensors, and they link up as expected on the first try. Of the readily available off-the-shelf sensors we’ve tested from Radio Bridge and NetOP recently, they also join on the first try without issue. So there are definitely some straight-forward devices out there.

I’ve gone through them, they are more like plug-and-play devices for specific applications. But we’re looking for a microcontroller platform to which we can integrate our circuit, so as to make the specific measurements for our application (for example voltage and current). And my only expectation is that it should be compatible with Arduino IDE.