Device Profile - AU915

Hi I am trying to create a device profile for an ABP device using AU915 frequency plan.

Im a bit confused with parameters that are needed in order to create the device profile. Could someone provide me this parameters:

  • RX1 delay
  • RX1 data-rate offset
  • RX2 data-rate
  • RX2 channel frequency (Hz)
  • Factory-preset frequencies (Hz)
  • List of factory-preset frequencies (Hz), comma separated.

Thanks in advance

For the 1.0.2 version, use (from Lora Alliance):

Thanks for your help. I have already looked into that document, however there are parameters that I still don’t know where to find them or at least I would like to confirm

  • MAX EIRP : 30
  • RX1 delay : 1
  • RX1 data-rate offset : 600?
  • RX2 data-rate : 8?
  • RX2 channel frequency (Hz) : 923.3?
  • Factory-preset frequencies (Hz) : 125000?
  • List of factory-preset frequencies (Hz), comma separated. : 915200000, 915400000, 915600000, 915800000 , 916000000, 916200000 , 916400000 , 916600000

In the file loraserver.toml, edit this fields to:

enabled_uplink_channels=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

In the UI interface -> Device Profiles, use the MAC version, revision parameters, and Max EIRP = 30. RX1 Delay = 1 and all other fields 0

This worked for me.

Hi @DouglasBaptista @brocaar I still have some issues regarding downlink. It seems that the downlink message get to my device and the devices send ACK, however I get no data of downlink on my device console

Hello Francisco
I have just realised that the issue I raised is the same as you were seeing. Because your question was logged against the AU915 channel plan I had mssed it.
But I too am not seeing the ACK on my device: they are being sent but either at the wrong time or on the wrong channel or DR.
Did you resolve your problem?
I have been experimenting with some of the finer settings but they do not seem to have any effect (i.e. changing the DownlinkDataDelay does not change the time between the uplink packet being received and the ACK being sent