Device-profile tags won't show in MQTT event/up


When I create a device profile and set the tags to it and then create a new device with this particular device-profile I don’t see the tags on the MQTT topic “application/X/devices/X/event/up”.

When I set the tags manually by the device configuration tab it works. But I want all the devices which are using a particular device-profile to have the same tags. Am I missing something here or is it a bug?


Device Configuration:

only the tag from the device configuration will be shown in mqtt:


Apparently, only device tags are included in the uplink payload.


Aye, you are right. But it is by design? What are the device-profile tags for then? I will create a bug report on github, thanks.

edit: GitHub Issue #609


Let me think about this one. It is by design that only the device tags are exposed, but I can see an use-case to also include the device-profile tags, e.g. to expose device vendor related tags (vendor name, device model name, etc…).


+1 to this feature.
Device Profile Tags to hold information such as model name, vendor, etc. would be great!

+1 as this would be a very useful feature to have.

What are the device-profile tags currently used for, if not for this?


I opened a pull request which will solve this issue. @brocaar do you need any disucssion on this? Are you not satisfied with the solution proposed? I would love to see at least the tags feature in the official release :slight_smile:


I will look at it shortly, I’m just back from a short vacation and before that there were a couple of items I needed to work on first :slight_smile:


Did you have a chance to look at including device profile tags in the event/up message yet as I really need that feature? I could get away with just the profile name, but the tag would be a much better option.

Thanks ever so much for everything you do for the community.


Device-profile tags won’t show in MQTT event/up Did you have a chance to look at this yet? Thanks a lot.

I am in need of Device Profile and Gateway tags being put in the json to the HTTP Integration please