Device_session_ttl undocumented? Where to put this setting to avoid ABP loosing there keys?

Hi Guys,

i have several devices where the network and application key is missing after a short downtime.

I found some old configuration examples, but since upgrade to v4.0 i am not able to find device_session_ttl anymore.

Is there a new attribute for that?

And if yes, where have this attribute placed in?

Thank you.

Since ChirpStack v4.7 the device-sessions have been migrated to PostgreSQL and no longer expire :slight_smile:

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I have chirpstack version 4.5.1,
but I don’t know how to set device_session_ttl in “chirpstack.toml” or on database.

Can you help me?
I want to set it to very high value


I recommend to upgrade to latest ChirpStack v4.7.
Then the device session will not be expired any more.

Else you may try this with Chirpstack v4.5

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