Difference between live LoraWAN Frames and Device Data

I am having some problems with the downlink data, and am trying to figure out if the problem is on the server or the device side. For my downlinks, I see no error in Network or Application Server logs. But my downlink messages are displayed in the ‘LoraWAN Frames’, but not in the ‘Device Data’. Neither do I see any uplink or downlink in ‘Gateway Live LoraWAN Frames’. So what is the difference between these three logs? And what could be the causes of this discrepancy? Thanks.

Device data are the decrypted payloads. LoRaWAN frames are the encrypted payloads and gateway wrappers, etc. If you see downlinks on the device’s frames tab but not on the gateway, it sounds like your gateway is not communicating with the NS.

Strange. The downlink seems to be working fine, but a the same time there is also an error with gateway stats. So

  • When I downlink, I see no errors in the network server and application server logs. Similarly there is a tx event in my single channel gateway logs. MQTT topics for application/id/devEUI/tx and gateway/id/command/down are also updated. I don’t receive the message on my end-device FiPy, but maybe the end-device is faulty here.
  • In the network-server logs, there is an error when receiving gateway stats update:

time="2020-06-15T07:32:46Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: gateway stats packet received" gateway_id=xxxxxxxxxx stats_id=0a43dd5a-c682-4cc0-b5af-832c884246ad

time="2020-06-15T07:32:46Z" level=error msg="gateway: handle gateway stats error" ctx_id=0a43dd5a-c682-4cc0-b5af-832c884246ad error="get gateway error: get gateway error: object does not exist"

Maybe I have missed to add some kind of gateway profile?

Hi i am getting similar issue, did you resolve this one. Please share you solution if so.

Your error log shows your gateway is not registered
Please register gateway in chirpstack-application-server and try again