Difference in deviceStatusBattery between endpoints

After using the application server REST API for a while I have run into this issue.

When getting the device status from the backend, there is a difference in the ‘deviceStatusBattery’ property for the same device between the two GET endpoints

  • /api/devices
  • /api/devices/{dev_eui}

When getting all the device statuses using the first endpoint, the value will be 256 while it is 255 when using the second endpoint to get a single device.

The documentation specifies that this value should be between 0-255.

Can we count on the value from the “get all” endpoint for battery-level, or do we need to query the devices one at a time?

Info: The specific devices under test has never sent packets - and does not support battery level check.

Edit: We are currently using Application Server version 3.12.2