Does The Things Gateway support for loraserver?

I’m developing a kind of critical system using LoraWAN , the system can not fail if internet connection was lost so most probably I have to host locally and send data to local server.

At the moment I’m planning to use gateway . My question is has anyone send data from things gateway to LoRa Server ? Is it possible ?

I’m still waiting to receive this gateway (Kickstarter backer) so this is an assumption, but I don’t expect it is going to work with anything else than TTN. If I’m not mistaken, the firmware of this gateway is build specifically for the TTN backend and does not follow the Semtech packet-forwarder protocol.

@brocaar Yes I got your point , but in there product detail page it says Things Gateway build on Open Hardware and Software , if so we should be able to change gateway source code and connect to another network server. But I was unable to find its firmware and PCB diagrams , do you know the place to find them ?

Despite the claim that everything is open-source, the source hasn’t been published yet as far as I know. What I know is that you will need MPLAB (Microchip) Harmony for firmware development as its core is a PIC32 (it does not run Linux!).

thats bad its not using linux, ok what are the gateways which support ?

Mostly any other gateway :wink: The basic requirement is that it runs the packet-forwarder as that implements the protocol expected by LoRa Gateway Bridge. Ideally you want a gateway which enables you to install additional software so that you can run the LoRa Gateway Bridge on the gateway itself.


The Conduit is running a Yocto based firmware and all recipes are open-source, so you can change everything. See also:

But there are many other gateways available that work with the LoRa Server project :slight_smile:

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If your are still at a development stage, let me suggest the Rak831 with a Raspberry Pi as a gateway: it’s probably the cheapest solution (~150 dollars for the whole solution) and it has worked pretty well for us so far. Don’t get me wrong, correctly wrapped it may serve as a production gateway too, but that differs from the already production ready gateways such as the Multitech Conduit and of course its energy consumption may be an issue.

The great thing about this option is that having a Raspberry Pi as the core of the gateway allows you to do a lot of modifications and tests, as it has a proper Linux distribution and great hardware, so you can do almost anything you can think of before designing your final solution.

thank you guys for your helps , I will try to use another gateway as you suggested. Meanwhile I got a reply form Johan who is the CTO and Co-Founder of things network , hope this will help to someone

Hi Chamal,

We are close to making this open source. It will be MIT licensed and available on GitHub. We work together with our partner TWTG who did the main part of the gateway PCB design and firmware to make it open soon. Please follow the announcements through our mailing list.

Kind regards,

Johan Stokking

The The Laird Sentrius RG1XX from our experience so far is an excellent value for money Gateway with both Ethernet and Wifi connectivity and talk of future support for Bluetooth.

Hello everyone…any news from TTN Router (Gateway)?

Can we use it with Lora Server or it’s just for TTN Server usage?


Currently it cannot be used with LoRaServer, have a look at this topic: .

On the other hand, the source code of the TTN Gateway - including the firmware - was published I think yesterday. I am no expert in Microchip’s Harmony, but I don’t think it will be that easy to modify it to work with Orne’s LoRaServer. Of course it could be done, but is it worthwhile to do it? There are dozens of other, linux based gateways available and they are not so much more expensive than the TTN Gateway. Some of them can be even used right away with Orne’s server.


According to the gateway datasheet, the gateway try to connect to the TTN with basic Station.
Now that LoRa Gateway Bridge v3.0.0 is compatible with this protocol, can we expect the the gateway itself may be compatible with loraserver ?



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It does work with the LoRa Gateway Bridge (I have tested this). However, I’m not sure what would be the process to re-configure this gateway so that it points to your LoRa Gateway Bridge instance instead of TTN.

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I have been able to get one of these Indoor TTN gateway. I did not find any interface to specify network server host name/port. I guess that it only runs the basic station ont the TTN host IP

Hello everybody,
Is there any news about the topic ? Because the latest activity was on MAY19. I am planning to buy TTN gateway but i want to use it with chirpstack.

Best Regards

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HI All,

I am trying to register the TTN gateway ( KickStarter) with chirpstack-application-server - which according to this thread is ‘not (yet) possible’ ??.

Judging by the source code at [] the expected endpoint the Gateway communicates to is: /api/v2/

The chirpstack API has its endpoint on /api

I get the following message on the application server:

grpc: Server.Serve failed to create ServerTransport: connection error: desc = "transport: http2Server.HandleStreams received bogus greeting from client: \"GET /api/v2/gateways/a4b

I dont mind spending some time and effort to get this to work ( either firmware on TTN gateway or chirpstack ) - would appreciate some feedback if I am at all in the right direction ?


Hey @chamal and @zs2hx ,
did you figure out a way to achieve this? What were your results?
Im trying something simliar for my bachelor thesis.

Anyone crack the code on the things network indoor server routing?

Any update on this? How can we configure ttn indoor to use with Chirpstack?