Doubts with LoRa Server project

Hi guys, How are you ?

I’m working with a big project, with millions of end devices and a enviroment which doesn’t allow error. I studied about the project Lora Server IO, and I liked it, but I had some doubts. Anybody that use the LoRa Server project, can respond me any points ?

  • Anybody have ever any issue with the LoRa Server, if yes, what ?
  • Are there any issue performance with the LoRa Server, if yes, what ?
  • Anyone have ever use the LoRa Server to big project, if yes, how was the experience with the LoRa Server ?

How I’m new in LoRa, I’m these doubts above.
Thank’s a lot

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Overall experience with Loraserver was good.

I faced a installtion issue which got resolved through community help.
Performance wise loraserver is flawless.

Adrian Gates
Sr. Network Engineer - Apps4Rent