Downlink problem when device is close to 2 gateways

when one of my devices is physically between 2 gateways, the downlink messages doesn’t work (Uplinks are good). However if I shut down one of the gateways, everything works perfectly.

Any idea on what I’m doing wrong or which parameter I could change to avoid this problem ?

Having a device too close to a gateway is known to overload the front end. This can cause phantom fake signals to appear to be received on channels other than the true one.

Network servers have gotten smarter about ignoring the fakes and responding to the real signal, but its possible that having phantoms appearing on two gateways might still somehow frustrate the algorithm.

Being too close to the gateway can also cause even the “real” signal to be corrupted, so you want to avoid that.

Keep your nodes and gateways further from each other. If you must have a “bench test” gateway, rig it with a termination resistor rather than an antenna.

hi, thanks for your reply.

my problem is not that my device is too close to a gateway. It’s that it is seen by 2 gateways.

We have 2 gateways (tektelic micro) on the 2nd and 6th floor of a building. We also have devices on each levels and only those on the 4th floor have downlink problems (4th floor is the only one that can reach both gateways).

Provided the node is registered with a single server instance to which both gateways report that is not a problem - actually it’s something that’s expected to occur.

But being too close to a gateway is often a problem, and the mechanisms that try to deal with that could potentially be defeated by being too close to two gateways and not just one.

You don’t want to be too close to gateways anyway.

For more details your going to need to post the raw signal reports showing frequency and RSSI that the gateway(s) have picked a given uplink up with.