Downlink queue class A

Hello there!
kinda new using Chirpstack, I have a question regarding Queue of dowlink message, in the device profile used in my application I do not mark class a or class b, but I have the felling that when I enqueue manually (from the application server) a dowlink message it is send immediately not waiting for a uplink message, I have checked this on the LoraWan frames, where I can see that effectively the downlink is send rigthaway
Why is this happening?

I managed to solve the problem by myself
For anyone reading, I have the full stack installed on a single ubuntu machine, i restarted the device and it started working fine

How did you manage to do it?

Sorry its been a while since I solve this, but for what I can remember I set the device (on Chirpstack) to class A and then I had to restart the whole stack
It seems that chirpstack does not support changes in the end devices classes, but this could be an error in operation not in chirpstack itself

It does support making changes, but you might need to re-activate your device before certain changes come into effect.