Downlink Spreading Factor

I have got a problem similar to some topcs that i found here. But none of the options can solve it so far. I use a RN2483 as a Class-C device and i try to send messages with a spreading factor other than 12. I use ABP and when i send an initial message from the RN2483 i get a response, both messages have SF7. When i now try to send a messages by directly enqueuing in the LoRa Server or by MQTT, the messages is always using SF12. I want to use SF7 to be able to send larger messages. I set the service profile to use DR 0 to 5. and i set the RX2 DR to 5 in the Device Profile. But still all downlink messages have SF12 and no payload, since it is too large for SF12. If i try to send a smaller payload, i receive that without any problem (still SF12). Is there a setting that i might have missed?

Edit: I found that i had not set the RX2 frequency correct. Now i see the downlink messages in the LoRaWAN frame tab with the correct SF. But they never arrive at my device. I chose Rx2 freq: 868500000 Hz in the device profileand set up my device with “mac set rx2 5 868500000”. The Rx1 response messages arrive just fine.

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