Download rejected by gateway

I have a RAK 7258 gateway configured and working but when I try a class c download it is rejected by the gateway with the following error:

Thu Feb 27 16:37:28 2020 user.err lora_pkt_fwd[16031]: ERROR: Packet REJECTED, unsupported frequency - 869525 (min:863000000,max:870000000)

But I can’t find any place where the value is expressed as 868525 kHz instead of 868252000 Hz
Where is this frequency configured?


Are your endnode use ABP ? check the frequencies in Device profile regarding this endnode. Frequencies must be set in Hz, not in kHz

And when updated, don’t forget to re-activate the device so that it will use the new values :slight_smile:

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After re-activating the node the downlink arrives to the gateway without errors.
I entered freq in KHz, created the node, changed back freq to correct Hz value but didn’t reactivated the node.