Dragino LHT65 not connected

Hello, everyone,
I have a Dragino LHT65 sensor and I’m having trouble setting it up in chirpstack. I have set up the application, device and profile, entered the app key and also the dev-eui. But the device never becomes active. What am I doing wrong. I entered the numbers correctly.

Hello and welcome,

is this the first sensor you want to setup in chirpstack or do you already have other sensors installed (asking to make sure you setup the gateway correct)
have you checked that the LHT65 is for your region?
do you see messages popping up in the gateway if you long press the button on the LHT65?

Hello a28b,
no i have an heltec cellcube ab01 running and it works perfect. The Region is EU868 . The LHT65 runs under TTS with no problems. And in Gateway Liveview by clicked Button it come a frame.

I have an new Device from Dragino and tested by the way.


What do you get in Gateway Live view when try to join LHT65?

Could you do a screenshot?