Dragino LHT65N lost connection, after moved 5KM away from Gateway

A question related to my new LHT65N. I added the device to my Chirpstack. No problem so far. But after receiving some temp and hum. messages, i jumped into my car, drove to a position ~5km away, but with line of sight to my gateway.
On that position i can test with my Adeunis tester (103 dBm), and an another device, what is sending messages as expected. But the LHT65 not. I’ve tested with manuell transmitting. No way. I can’t believe, that it has not the capabillity to reach my gateway.(Kerlink Istation). I found an older post on TTN forum about that issue, and i should join it again. Something with ADR and SF… But is that really a solution…
The new postion is on germanys highes lighthouse, and there is no elevator. Any idea??

Cheers, Rüdiger

One more time i replied myself…
As written above, the LHT65 has never more sent uplinks. Today i added a 2nd LHT65, lying on my desk. It works, and i don’t know why, the node far way from here starts transmitting, too. Who can explain what happend.??

I experienced a very similar behavior last year with the old LHT65 (not N). We got those strange disconnections when adding more than one sensor into the network tho, but also when having a sensor very far away from the gateway in a very dense urban area.

As you said, I had to tweak via AT commands the ADR parameters (I think I set it to AT+ADR=2), but also had to change some CHS and CHE values, but in my country we use AU915 frequency plan so YMMV if you are in Europe.

There’s also a possibility that the sensor just doesn’t have enough juice to connect to the gateway again.

Have you tried increasing the tranmission power used by your node?
You can configure it in your “local_conf.json” file in case you are using UDP packet Forwader (transmission power [dBi].

Not yet. Now after some days most of the “packages” are arring @ the gateway. The next days i like to test with some external antennas, - for that the sometimes lost packages are nice to see the improofments of an external antenna…

Thats good, Rudi

Good luck

Please note that if ADR is enabled, ChirpStack will optimize the data-rate and possibly tx-power, which could reduce the range of the device, in favor of transmission speed and battery usage (less airtime and lower tx-power means less battery usage). If you then move your device 5km away, this becomes problematic as it might indeed not be able to reach the gateway anymore.

In this case you could try to re-join the device (which reverts it back to the default DR and max tx-power). If you already did this, then also look at the default DR that is configured. It might be different from your other devices. And of course it could be an antenna issue too, explaining why other devices do work and this device don’t.