Ethtool on gateway OS and read only mode


When i connect my raspberry PI 3 B+ with my POE Splitter, the first task i need to do in order
to get ethernet working is the following

sudo apt-get install ethtool
sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full
sudo ethtool eth0

How can i achieve the same with this non-debian based distribution (which distry btw ? )

Also , in order to avoid sd card corruuption , i usually run this script :

which put the whole filesystem in read only mode, leaving some partitions in ram.
Is it fine running this script against gateway OS?

Thanks a lot

anyone please :frowning: It’s really a blocker in my project

I’m not sure about the ethtool command that you need to execute in order to get PoE working (after a quick search I found that this is a workaround).

To answer your other question, the LoRa Gateway OS uses a read-only filesystem by default and writes changes to the /data partition (using an OverlayFS).

Hi , @brocaar thanks for your answer, i was curious which was your base distribution for this gateway os ?
as there is so apt, yum package available.

i tried apt, aptitude, dpkg, yum, rpm, packman, apk, no joy. there is no gcc, g++, make etc…, i start wondering if there is any way to install anything on it :frowning: Because without this ethtool installed, i won’t simply be able to use it anymore :frowning:

Thanks a lot :wink:

its strange you need to do this as the Ethernet port should be working as normal. I designed and built my own PoE power supply on a Pi3B+ and RAK831 and it works as standard.

Could you describe the PoE Splitter you are using.
Any idea if it’s the PoE splitter causing the problem with eth0

i ordered this one:

Seems that is a classic workaround to get PI 3 B+ to work with such splitter as i see this trick around internet quite a few times, especially on comments from amazon buyers :wink:

What you probably want (/ need) to do is build your own LoRa Gateway OS image. You can see the Gateway OS as a distribution on its own, it is built from scratch using the Yocto project.

See for more information.

To add additional packages to the image (either the -base or -full), edit one of these files:

The package you want to add:

For documentation on using Yocto, see:

Thanks @brocaar for your help, awesome, this will do the job ^^