Fail to create/delete devices

When I try to delete a device, /api/devices/00000000d3120006 , feedback is {“error”:“object does not exist”,“message”:“object does not exist”,“code”:5,“details”:[]}
It tells me object does not exit.
Then I try to create this device, /api/devices , contents {“device”:{“applicationID”:“4”,“description”:"",“devEUI”:“00000000d3120006”,“deviceProfileID”:“abdb4ed1-09a6-4276-b00a-56f72e363325”,“name”:“indoorgateway_d3120006”,“skipFCntCheck”:false}}, feedback {“error”:“object already exists”,“message”:“object already exists”,“code”:6,“details”:[]},
It tells me object already exists, why? Is this device id special to the server?

Ok , I know the reason now, another device with the same device name exists already.

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