Fail to receive downlink packets with Kerlink Wirnet Station

I have a Kerlink Wirnet Station where I installed the Kerlink Common Packet Forwarder.

In the packet forwarder options I set the IP:1700 uplink and IP:1700 downlink of a machine where I installed LoRa Gateway Bridge, Lora Server, LoRa App Server.

When I use my device I almost always fail to receive downlink packets from the gateway, while when I try to use other gateways as RAK or Laird with the same LoRaServer chain on the same machine, it works perfectly.

Is the Kerlink Common Packet Forwarder compatible with LoRaServer ?

The Kerlink CPF should be compatible with the Semtech UDP packet-forwarder protocol. In the version I have tested, there was a bug but I believe this has been fixed in the meanwhile (I have not yet been able to re-test). Please make sure you are using the latest version of the CPF.

Yes, I have the latest version of the CPF (1.1.6).
Now, I’m going to try to uninstall the CPF and install the SPF and try if it does work.

I’ve installed the Semtech Packet Forwarder and it works with no problems.
I think that the issue with the CPF has not been solved yet or somehow I am not able to configure it properly.