[Feature] Force multicast message to be sent through a specific gateway

we have been using multicast groups with no problem since a few months ago.

We recenlty wanted to send a multicast message to several devices which have not sent any uplink nor join within a gateway radius. Because Chirpstack routes the messages using the last used gateway by the device, the message is routed to an old gateway.

Could be possible to force to use a specific gateway?


This is currently not possible, but I agree that there could be some improvements in the multicast gateway selection. Maybe avoiding certain gateways rather than forcing through certain gateways would be better.

Thanks for the reply @brocaar .
We are thinking about something like The ThingsStack API has in their documentation. Gateway selection and specific schedule time, otherwise if no GW or time is set, the default behavior is automatic GW selection and immediate multicast sending, like Chirp does right now.

Could it be possible to implement this new behavior?

I need to think about this. Meanwhile, please create this feature-request here: GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack: ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN Network Server :slight_smile:

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Sure, thanks! I’ll create the issue.

I am curious about the use case for this feature - are the devices mobile so that they have moved under a different gateways coverage? and if so, they don’t send an uplink often enough to update the LNS routing?