Feeding the postegresql Database "chirpstack_as_events"

Hi everyone,

I’m really enjoy to use the postgresql integration supply with chirpstack-application-server.

Afer some little tuning parameters, i have a jsonb object auto updtated in the database named “chirpstack_as_events”
info: i have a jsonb file because i use a payload codec.

But in fact i dont know at all , how it work and why some field are push (feed) in the data base and other not… and at wich frequency.
as i follow the table creation here: https://www.chirpstack.io/application-server/integrate/sending-receiving/postgresql/

i get public.device_up table auto update and it’s work fine.
i would like the same for the table just upside public.device_status

Someone could help me to understand how to configure this kind of task.
In fact i look where we configure the “INSERT” SQL function.

Futhermore… as my node are in OTAA this is the uplink payload wich act as trigger to feed the database…
So is there any possibility to configure that ?

many thanks for your help!

I have the same issue, i need the payload in the table device_up