Format of multiple devices message of lora gateway bridge

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I want to simulate the lora gateway bridge job with a node.js script
I’m able to send one device message using this function :
function push_data(){ var message=JSON.stringify({ "phyPayload": genererPHY('00748f51', "ffb77ef0dcf1ed3d5c529b0c4c65e774", "7ec915dd3fbdc7e48c5a24afa4baea59"), // base64 encoded LoRaWAN packet "rxInfo": { "board": 0, "antenna": 0, "channel": 1, "codeRate": "4/5", "crcStatus": 1, "dataRate": { "bandwidth": 125, "modulation": "LORA", "spreadFactor": 7 }, "frequency": 868300000, "loRaSNR": 7, "mac": "0000000000000001", "rfChain": 1, "rssi": -57, "size": 23, "time": "2018-07-10T12:26:30.222434Z" } } ); client.publish(push_data_topic, message,options,function (err) { if(err) console.error(err) else console.log("Data pushed with succes ") }); }

but now i’m trying to find a way to send multiple devices messages in the same time
I tried to send an array of json payload exaple but it return an error

Sending multiple device messages in one payload is not possible. You need to send multiple individual messages.

You mean that lora gateway bridge when it receive the object {“rxpk”:[ {},{} ]} send every object inside the array individuallly over mqtt ?

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Yes, that is correct.

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@brocaar Thanks a lot

@brocaar @ZAID_SAHIL

The latest version of chirpstack-gateway-bridge is able to handle every object inside the array individually over MQTT.