Forming downlink packet to LoRa node

i send
application/34/device/60C5A8FFFF1CAD01/tx {{
“confirmed”: true,
“fPort”: 10,
“data”: “CQCBAAD/AFU=” }

i received


but i cant recive downlink . how can i do . plz help me sir.

It looks like you sent a confirmed downlink from the network server to the device on fPort 10. The end device received the downlink and sent up a confirmation ACK.

Are you asking how you can access the down link data payload on the end device? If so, you will need to consult the documentation of your end device.

Hi All. Struggling with getting the downlink to work correctly. I need to send the following hex values ‘0x030100’. Base64 encoded this equal to ‘0x41774541’, converted to string it is ‘AwEA’. The JSON payload to the RESTful API is:

{ "deviceQueueItem": { "confirmed": true, "data": "AwEA", "devEUI": "a840410001818748", "fPort": 1 } }

However, when looking at the DOWNLINK info on the Lora Server the payload data (frmPayload) is completely different. Am I looking at the wrong values?

You are comparing plaintext and encrypted payloads, the frmPayload you are seeing sent by LoRa Server is encrypted.

hey @brocaar, is it possible to customize downlink for a gateway? For e.g, if I want to send the downlink to a different gateway Id , than the gateway id received in the uplink data , will this be possible?

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This will not be possible as for responding to a Class-A uplink (which I assume you are referring to), you need to know the gateway internal counter.

Hey! No, I am referring to class-C downlink here.

I have a stupid question: where should I use the mqtt?

Some suggestions say the mqtt.fx.

And In the mqtt page in Chirpstack, I see we can use the command-line tool like mosquitto_sub.
However, must the mosquitto_sub command be used in the linux server which installed the NS and AS?
In short, I don’t know where these mqtt command lines should be typed.