Forwarding LoRa Messages Without Knowing DEVEUI

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Is it possible to automaticaly forward LoRa messages without registering DEV EUI to ChirpStack. I am asking this question because I dont know our LoRa endpoints’s DEV EUI. Is there any configuration option to accept joining messages of all devices and forwarding messages to destination.
I configurated LoRa Gateway and it forwards messages to the ChirpStack but I couldnt find a way to forward messages from ChirpStack to our application software because I dont know the DEV EUI’s of our endpoints.

The bigger obstacle is that you can’t do anything useful without the end device’s keys

LoRaWAN is an encrypted protocol which runs on top of LoRa modulation; without the shared encryption secret(s) all you have is the raw LoRa radio traffic, but no meaning.


Thank you very much.

I tried to analyse TShark logs that ChirpStack server receives messages from LoRa Gateway then I couldnt find the LoRa end points EUI’s in the message content. As you explained some part of the data seems encrypted.

Is there any alternative way to discover device EUI’s to register them on the ChirpStack server. I use Murata LoRa chip in my project.

  1. Again, it’s LoRaWAN, not LoRa.

  2. Read the murata module documentation if you are running it with factory firmware, or the documentation of whatever other software you have loaded

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