Frames received / transmitted unrealistically high for Mikrotik Gateway


we’ve just integrated the first Mikrotik LoRa Gateway in our setup.

The mikrotik itself reports some reasonable numbers:

Data coming in is very little:

However, the gateway statistics show me this:

The logfiles of the gatewaybridge and the loraserver do not show any suspicious entries… do you have any idea what else might be going wrong?

Mikrotik Gateway does send absolute ammount of packets in status message, which is obviously wrong.

There are few other bugs in that gateway. I have to say that price equals quality/functionality in this case.

Thanks. What other bugs are you aware of? So far, our impression of the gateway (considering its price) has been very good…

I’ve experienced various problems like missing downlinks (device with confirmed uplinks has to repeat too often), poor sensitivity or bad reception (especially when only CRC valid packets are forwarded), inability to operate on DR7 or even gateway getting stuck.

are you using internal antenna or external? because external sma was connected by default and I needed to open it up and switch the antennas connectors to proceed with internal.

Yes yes, the internal was useless in my setup.

Difference is that with LorixOne 4dB antenna I get better results than with Mikrotik’s 6dB antenna.

this is mikrotik’s reply on that issue (high rcvd/transmtd frames):
We will fix this in upcoming versions of RouterOS. I will inform you, when the fix will be ready.


The issue described above has been fixed in their latest firmware.