FUOTA feature maturity

Good-morning everyone,

I’m currently working on wireless data recorder project.
We finished to build our first prototype with Chirpstack as a packet forwarder. It’s working really well!
We wanted to improve our solution and propose other features. So we started to study and to work on FUOTA functionality.
After some research and some test, we realized that this feature is right now only experimental so the latest version is not stable yet (our first tests weren’t working until an update popped up).

We would like to have your opinion about the maturity of this feature (There is not much documentation).

Do you have any clue when this FUOTA feature will be stable? What could be currently the issue to rely on the Firmware Update Server?

Thank you for your help.

The main “problem” is that it hasn’t been used widely yet. Nevertheless, the best that you could do is start using it and provide feedback how we can improve it :slight_smile: (even better, provide pull-requests).