FUOTA Server install problem (?)

I am working on a LoRa project, and I’d like to implement FUOTA. I’ve installed the application and network servers, and they are working well. Now I’ve tried to install the FUOTA server component, but I haven’t been successful (to my understanding).

As I’ve concluded it is installed correctly when I see the ‘Firmware’ tab at a selected device on the application server, is that correct?

How should I install the component? Unfortunately it is not straight forward to me.

I’ve tried it two ways:

-Without docker:
I’ve installed the application and network server on a raspberry pi. Then I’ve built the fuota server from source with docker (on a windows pc) based on the fuota repository. Copied the debian snapshot to the pi. Then I installed the snapshot and configured the ‘chirpstack-fuota-server.toml’ file. Added the profile and database to the postgres server, then I’ve started the component. Unfortunately, the ‘Firmware’ tab remained missing. Logs didn’t show any errors.

-With docker:
(I’ve just started working with docker because of this project, so my knowledge is limited; therefore I have no idea if these moves were even legal. :sweat_smile: )
I’ve followed the instructions on the github page. I’ve run all the commands in the docker. I’ve checked the logs, and it could not connect to the postgresql server, because the credentials and the settings that I’ve modified before compose in the ‘chirpstack-fuota-server.toml’ file did not apply. (Queried config file.) Therefore, I’ve modified the settings inside the docker in run-time. It showed no more errors, but the ui element did not show up.
(The application and and network servers were in a separate docker container, installed based on this repository: GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-docker: Setup ChirpStack using Docker Compose)

Thank you in advance!

So I’ve came across this post in the forum:

My conclusion was wrong, the FUOTA server does NOT have a UI on the application server, it is just a grpc endpoint.

This could be documented better. You can either compile the source-code yourself (using the make snapshot you can generate packages), or use the Docker image: Docker Hub.

In both cases, a config file located in /etc/chirpstack-fuota-server/chirpstack-fuota-server.toml is expected with your configuration.