Gateway additional meta data stats not accessible on server side

Hi all,

We are trying to use the custom meta data added to gateway stats functionality introduced with the 3.0.0 release of the gateway bridge. Each of our gateways embed their own lora-gateway-bridge configured to push additional meta-data with the gateway stats like the gateway temperature and a static serial number (as proposed in the provided examples of the configuration file).

Unfortunately, I can’t find any way to retrieve those information on server side. A call to the app server API route api/gateways/{gateway-id}/stats only returns the standard rx/tx stats but none of the additional stats.

We are running the last lora-server and lora-app-server releases (respectively 3.3.0 and 3.4.0).
We are able to see that the additional data are pushed to the mosquito gateway/+/event/stats topic.

Could you please help us to know how we can finally have access to those data ?

Thank you all for any help.

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These are currently not handled by the Network Server / Application Server. Could you create an issue here: to request this feature?

Sure, thanks brocaar !