Gateway Bridge - Latency / Timeout

We updated our lora environment to the latest Chirpstack version. (NS, AppServer, Gateway-Bridge). We notice that once we migrated our Tektelic Micro and Micro-Lite gateways over to the new environment, the sensors are not as responsive in sending uplinks to our applications.

Even when viewing the Live Lora Frames, we trigger the reed switch and see the first few consecutive uplinks (Triggers), but after 3-4 messages, the sensor does not send messages. We are able to reset the sensor and see a successful join/join accept, trigger the reed switch, etc, until we get back to square one again not being able to see the sensor.

Each sensor is programmed to send Temp/Humidity and status every hour, but we are not seeing these hourly messages. Everything is sporatic.

Is there a log file to check for latency or errors? Is there a timeout of timer setting for receiving consecutive messages? Is there any where we can check to see why these messages are not coming up when triggered?

Just an FYI, we are using Docker version of Chirpstack, would this cause latency?

The and pages contain some troubleshooting steps.

The first thing I would test is if the device does not send data, or if the data sent by the device is rejected by ChirpStack (for whatever reason).

Also checking the logs of all services would be a good idea :slight_smile:

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