Gateway Bridge Problem on Kerlink Wirnet Station?

Hello !

I have just installed the LoRa Gateway Bridge on my Kerlink Wirnet Station, following these instructions :

They are indeed working, but I have 2 problems :

1 - When the gateway is launched, and I do a “ps” to see if all is running well, I see resultats like this :

The gateway bridge seems to be launched multiple times, even though it’s only installed once. The processes seem to keep multiplying and my gateway becomes unreachable after a few minutes.

2 - I don’t see where the Gateway ID is stocked. When I input the MAC address of my gateway in LoRa Server’s Network Server, it is too short of 4 letters / numbers, but I don’t see any Gateway ID generated to correct this like on the Multitech version of the Gateway bridge.

I’m so lost with this new gateway, could someone help me ?
Thank you very much !


Can you please post your manifest.xml and your execution script.

the Gateway_ID is defined inside the packet forwarder configuration files (local_conf.json and global_conf.json)
It’s a 64b hex string (shall be unique across all your gateways)