Gateway Live DataFrame not showing anything!

Hi everyone,
I’ve setup the Network Server and Application Server according to the Guides. I have also installed Gateway Bridge in my Dragino LSP8. I am in Australia. I am trying to connect a device to the application server. However it is not being seen by the server. I read in the forum and @brocaar was saying to check the live data frame. However that function is not showing anything. I have tried to check the servers logs and have attached the file below. Please HELP !!!
dataframe not showing|690x499

I don’t see any uplinks / downlinks in the logs either…

Hi Brocaar

I found the fix was to set Max EIRP = 0 in Device Profile. Not sure how it works.

I have another Question though. It is to do with the automatic downlink confirmation. As right now I have only uplinks. The reason is that I would like to have downlink confirmation to make sure the message sent is correct. Where should I be looking in order to program that from the server end @brocaar ?

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