Gateway OS RAK7246

Hi all, I’ve just bought a RAK7246 -

I installed Gateway OS according to the guide here -

Everything seems to have gone ok, I’ve added my device and the activation worked but I’m losing a bunch of messages from my node. I’m using an ESP32 and a RFM95W and I followed the ttn_otaa example using mcci-catena/arduino-lmic

I’m not sure how to debug this and if this should even work on the Pi Zero. I don’t see any error logs and I just seem to be missing a lot of messages.

Any suggestions on how to figure this out?

I’ve now reinstalled the original RAK firmware, set it up for TTN and it just works. No issues.

I would really like to get Chirpstack going, but I followed the guides provided and it doesn’t work, I would really appreciate some insight on what I’m missing.

Could be related to: RPi4 with PiSupply HAT (RAK2247) and Gateway OS -> a lot of missing uplinks ?

Hi @brocaar, thanks for the response! It seems related, I’ll see if I can get it going with the new information.