Gateway ping (discovery) in v4

Hi Orne, Hi Friends!

Started playing with V4 to assess upcoming migration of our app from V3 - and while many things seem excellent and logically improved or simplified - I can’t find yet “gateway discovery” settings or functionality (in v3 code it lived in “gwping” folder, as I remember).

Am I missing something, or perhaps it is really not there and expected to come in future?

Thanks in advance!

v4 breaking changes - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

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Oh, thanks a lot! Sorry for I failed to find it somehow :frowning:

For our app it is important, but probably I’ll be able to add it in my clone of v4 code using v3 as guidance… just need to refine my rust skills a bit, ha-ha.

Thanks for speedy answer!

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