Gateway suggestion

Hi everyone,
do You have any good outdoor gateway to suggestivo.
So far I have experience with
1.Mikrotik LTAP and 5db antenna in Rural environment, flat, wide area of agricolture field, good coverage up to 10 km, with an object locator I’ve got packets every 2 minutes without losing packets and with variable SF. No more device are connected to the network, so probably the success rate is related also to this.
2. LTB08 outdoor dragino with 3db in the same are, I have packet loss with the same object licator, try to figure out why there is packet loss, I see always few frequencies with always SF=12

Do You have any suggestion for the differences?
Mikrotik looks good so I’m thinking to buy only more Mikrotik gateways instead of testing more different gateway to scale the project

We are using two LoRa gateway models: Mikrotik wAP LR8 kit and LorixOne. This models are pretty good for us and they works perfect with ChirpStack software.

We use Tektelic Kona Macro, robust performance, and also easy setup with Chirpstack.


I’m trying to figure out where to buy in Europe mikrotik wap l’ora, it looks sold out