Getting data from chirpstack server via MQTT

I have this project, now I have my data coming to the Chirpstack web interface. I want to get the data and display on nodered debug using MQTT. I have studied all the steps and have gotten the topic as application/1/devices/135847753e07753e072c48/rx. This shows connected on my nodered but I am not getting any messages on my debug page. what did i do wrong and are there any more configurations I should do?
DEV EUI is 135847753e07753e072c48
Thanks in advance

What version of the application server are you running? The MQTT topic structure changed as of 3.11:

I have had good help with “MQTT Explorer” to find out the topics etc. as it groups them in a tree view that is visible with all sensors after a few hours of running it. All other MQTT tools I found are really bad btw.

And yes, I run node-red against Chirpstack, but it was the november version that was not yet chirpstack back then.

If you subscribe to a higher level wildcard, such as application/1/# do you see messages other messages?