Getting data from chirpstack server via MQTT

I have this project, now I have my data coming to the Chirpstack web interface. I want to get the data and display on nodered debug using MQTT. I have studied all the steps and have gotten the topic as application/1/devices/135847753e07753e072c48/rx. This shows connected on my nodered but I am not getting any messages on my debug page. what did i do wrong and are there any more configurations I should do?
DEV EUI is 135847753e07753e072c48
Thanks in advance

What version of the application server are you running? The MQTT topic structure changed as of 3.11:

I have had good help with “MQTT Explorer” to find out the topics etc. as it groups them in a tree view that is visible with all sensors after a few hours of running it. All other MQTT tools I found are really bad btw.

And yes, I run node-red against Chirpstack, but it was the november version that was not yet chirpstack back then.

If you subscribe to a higher level wildcard, such as application/1/# do you see messages other messages?

It can also be that your MQTT is blocking anonymous connection. It does not throw any connection error, it just do not forward the messages in this case.