Has someone used podman?

We are running Chirpstack on WSL with Docker but would like to leverage podman, which makes the network setup with WSL a lot easier.
We have started to put together podman commands to start the necessary containers, but have not yet succeeded.

Has someone done this already?
Any insights?
Is this going to succeed?
Or are there known limitations?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Up to now, nobody has created a topic about issues with podman.
The only thing I can affirm is that there are some advantages when using podman instead of docker, and some people even compare them (docker vs. podman)…But what you are trying to do is to mix them? Or to stop using docker and start using podman?

It is not clear to me…

Hi @NicolasUy,

thanks for your reply.
We want to replace docker with podman.
We’re running on a windows system and would prefer windows server.
Server does not support Docker Desktop which is not preferred anyway due to the necessity to login before containers are started.
With WSL2 and podman a stable setup can be achieved a lot easier.
We’re almost there.
I’ll share our setup later, when everything is running as expected in case anyone else wants to do the same.