Helium inegration

Since I have a gateway for other purposes, was wondering if helium (https://github.com/helium) can be integrated with chirpstack.

They show how to install it onto a raspberry pi with a rak concentrator. They have a packet forwarder and were wondering if it can run along with chripstack in the same unit. Another option is to use mqtt to get access to the data for their concentrator.

This might be helpful: https://blog.helium.com/helium-lorawan-public-infrastructure-with-ultimate-privacy-9132560e4ae6.

Thanks. Seems helium is going to be releasing a component for chirpstack. Could you please add it to chirpstack integrators when it is ready. Thanks :slight_smile:

What Helium did was provide an interface which is compatible with the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder protocol. This means that you can already receive this data through the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge.

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