Help modifying MQTT topics

Hi, right now I am trying to modify the MQTT topics. I know I have to edit the source code, but I was wondering if I can get some direction as to where to look. Right now I am currently working with the LoRa-Gateway-Bridge source code.

You didn’t mention why you are trying to modify them. If you just want to change which topics are used for existing functionality, it’s in the configuration file:

Same goes for LoRa Server on the far side:

I actually wanted to create new topics to publish and subscribe to. So instead of only being able to hear it on application/[applicationID]/device/[devEUI]/rx there would be different topics ie application/[applicationID]/device/[devEUI]/rx/[newTopic].

For example, from my application I would publish to application/[applicationID]/device/[devEUI]/tx/batteryLife. My LoRa end node would then send a payload that would publish to application/[applicationID]/device/[devEUI]/tx/batteryLife.

I’m assuming I would actually be focusing on editing the Lora-App-Server source code in order to create these topics, but I was looking at the Lora-Gateway-Bridge to get an idea of where to look since the code there was a lot smaller.