Hosting Lora Server application

Good morning, for a simple proof of concept we would like to know if there is a party whom will host the Lora Application Server for us (instead that we need to setup the server ourselfs)?

We do have the ITalks 1608 sensor and a KPN LoRa developers test account. But we need to specify the destination. The destination is the Lora Application Server.

Hope there will be a party whom is willing to inform me or even better willing to help me.

Thank you in advance. - wkr - Jan-Willem

Please note that LoRa App Server works only with LoRa Server, it does not integrate with KPN.

Dear Brocaar, thank you … but what does that mean?

Dear Brocaar, are the LoRa & application server suitable to handle the ITalks 1608 node? Thank you for your time/respons.

What @brocaar is saying is that the LoRa App Server will only work with Lora Server. If you have anything else, it won’t work.

Thnx … so then the q is left will the LoRa server and LoRa application server be able to receive data from ITalks 1608?

If it’s LoRa Alliance certified, then it will probably work fine with LoRa Application Server and LoRa Server.