How do i know it's time to update?

just curious about updates. How do I know when it’s time to update? I can see some steps on how to update, but it involves downloading an update.

I subscribe to releases on GitHub and update whenever there is a new release (through our dev and staging environments first, where applicable). Another approach is to only update when there is a feature you need or a security update, but that can make the big jumps a lot more work.


ah…that’s a great idea. Not really looking for any updates right now. I can easily use it and set it up and get the data I need…so all good for now.

are most users just using the chirpstack web page to setup the devices, and then relying on mqtt and another UI or similar for using the data? meaning, no one is doing any plugins or other extensions of the current chirpstack web page?

I am curious about leveraging go to do another small UI for me to take the data and do stuff with it. I am not trying to be one of those awesome full stack peeps, but would love a UI to show data and graphs and such (on pi/linux)…

If you are using the Debian / Ubuntu repository, you will automatically get the latest version on a sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade :slight_smile: