How do I view/confirm/verify that telemetry messages from ChirpStack-gateway-bridge are being sent to the cloud?

In your explorations or deployments of the this stack have you actually been able to view telemetry messages in Azure cli with command az iot hub monitor-events --hub {your_iot_hub_name} --device-id {your_device_id}?
For me nothing is showing up when I run the command to view telemetry messages.
My setup follows this QuickStart.

I must add that on my setup though, I have all three main components, i.e. Gateway Bridge, Network Server and Application Server all installed and running on the same host and the Azure Connection String has been set in the chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml only.

With such a setup does the Azure Connection String aught to be set on the chirpstack-network-server.toml instead?

I’ll really appreciate any help.