How live device logs or lorawan frames works


Could you please explain me from where the live device frames/ lorawan frames is getting the data and is displaying.

Thanks you.

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Check the StreamFrameLogs method at lora-app-server/internal/api/external/device.go, which gets the frames by calling StreamFrameLogsForDevice from loraserver/internal/api/network_server.go.

i did take a look, I am not clear, is that function using mqtt or grpc in or redis for the logs. I have two app servers configured in the same docker-compose file running on different ports. I see cross talk , deice frames are visible on both app server. So i wanted to understand how logs are displayed and how can I avoid cross talk.

Thank you in advance

Check loraserver/internal/framelog/framelog.go for the specifics, but from a quick glance it seems to use Redis’ pub/sub.

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Yes, Redis Pub/Sub is used for the live frames / data :slight_smile:

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