How not to use gateway timestamp for stat in application server?


I have 2 gateways that have wrong timestamp (2 years ago).
I do not have the possibility to change it because it is setup in customer network which is badly configured.

Is it possible to configure gateway-bridge so it won’t take the gateway timestamp to display the stat, but the received message timestamp instead?

For example, i receive this message in stats topic few seconds ago:
“gatewayID” : “x”,
“ip” : “x.x.x.x”,
“time” : “2018-01-28T20:07:32Z”,
“location” : null,
“configVersion” : “”,
“rxPacketsReceived” : 0,
“rxPacketsReceivedOK” : 0,
“txPacketsReceived” : 0,
“txPacketsEmitted” : 0,
“metaData” : { },
“statsID” : “BfOL9yiRRkqZNBJd3Nqv+Q==”

I would like to use the message timestamp and not the gateway timestamp.
So it won’t display this on the application server, for a connected gateway:

I think it was not like this before new chirpstack version…I used to have one gateway with wrong timestamp, but appeared connected “few seconds ago” on lora server.

Thanks !