How to add a (software) LoRa node to Chirpstack Server?


The ChirpStack is running fine and in the last months I have been able to just it as a stand alone gateway.
What I would like to do it so send the ChirpStack status to another LoRa network

  • For this I would like to add a LoRa node (software based) on the ChirpStack server.
  • LoRa node sends out the ChirpStack server status.
  • Use of ABP is sufficient to keep it simple

Any ideas??

For emulated LoRaWAN devices, you could use the simulator as a library, see for example:

chirpstack-simulator/main.go at master · brocaar/chirpstack-simulator · GitHub.

Thanks. Will look at it (not sure if it does what I want).

I want to “abuse” the ChirpStack server and send out a “node alike” message into the real world. The message is than received by another network (e.g. KPN, TTN or another private stand alone ChirpStack GW)