How to add new fields to ChirpStack Simulator?


Apologies for so many topics on this, if I get this solved this will be the last one…for now!

My previous topic was on how I could provide location information via the simulator by adding to the fields already defined in the UplinkRXInfo struct. I have become comfortable with that, which is great, but now I am trying to add extra variables to that same object to fulfil a number of use cases I am working on.

I have created a fork of the chirpstack-api and added additional fields to the gw.proto, and generated the new gw.pb.go file with my fields, but I am hitting a snag when it comes to trying to import my version of the package to the simulator to allow me to pass this extra info to the ChirpStack UI.

The error I’m getting is

And the code in my version of the chirpstack-api’s go.mod is

Does anyone know how to overcome this?

The solution here was to fork the chirpstack-api as stated above, but rather than attempt to import from my remote repo, what worked for me was a local import.
replace v3.1.3 => ./chirpstack-api/go/
Thanks @brocaar for the initial point in the right direction.